Are you an entrepreneur at The Inflection Point?


2+ years into the journey

Approx. 500k to 1M

Team of ~10

Ambitions for growth


Creating the strategic roadmap so you feel in control

Developing your leadership mindset

Visionary entrepreneurs change the world. But they need an ally to work with.

Clients come to me because they

Have ambitions to create a high impact business

Want to be leading the team rather than managing them

Are spending too much time dealing with operational problems

Why that is happening to them

Growth has happened quickly

The strategy has been reactive

There are now too many moving parts

There needs to be more clarity and stability

The outcomes my clients want

Their vision to be turned into a roadmap and tactical plan

Ownership devolved to the team

The culture to purposefully shaped

To move up to their next level of leadership

How we work together

  • We work together for 90 days
  • We assess where you are and what the business needs next
  • We talk out the strategy and I put it into an actionable framework that you and your team can execute on
  • We’ll develop your leadership style so you become the leader you want to be

I only work with a specific type of entrepreneur


  • Innovative
  • Charismatic
  • Energetic
  • Fearless
  • Adaptive


  • Strategic
  • Analytical
  • Relentless
  • Focused
  • Systems thinker


Take a Myers Briggs personality test at 16 Personalities

If you are an ENTP or ENFP then we should work together

Joe is amazing, his ability to cut through the noise and focus in on what really matters and why it’s happening, or not, is a rare talent. Combining this with his strategic perspective makes him an asset to anyone he works with!


Joe’s approach is direct, he tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. His approach in changing my mindset as been remarkable. I no longer look at problems, I see the opportunities in every situation. Everyone needs Joe in their lives!

IanInfused Food

One of the most talented business mentors in my life time. He is very focused on a person’s mind, helping them to be their best and to keep questioning themselves: why I am here and why I am doing this? I found his experience and example a great benefit to me.


Joe helped me overcome the barriers that were holding me back from becoming a true entrepreneur. It was challenging,uncomfortable and demanding but led onto a change in my mindset and the confidence to achieve my goals.

JulieMove It or Lose It

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