4 voices – the most powerful visioning tool

I’ve worked with a number of visioning tools and each has their contextual uses. Yet the most wholistic one I’ve ever seen comes from yoga, from a book called The Four Desires, introduced to me by an aficionado friend of mine called Michelle Nicklin.

I’ve never even been to a yoga class but I think we can all learn more from experts in fields unrelated to our own. To take a perspective from outside of our own silo and apply it to what we do. Our interpretation and adaptation of the Four Desires has led to the creation of this tool. It encourages you to incorporate the business into your wider personal vision and ask yourself the deeper questions not only about your business, but also who you want to become.

I’m going to frame this as an exercise that you can do as a practical exercise. Ready to start?

Imagine a point in the future where everything is going right for you. Your life is in balance, you are achieving at a high level and your plans are coming to fruition. This is a peak point in your life, and to celebrate you throw a party for the people that matter to you in your life.

Four of them are going to speak about who you are, what you have done and how you have developed. Each of them has a different aspect that they are going to talk about. There are four rules for getting the most out of the exercise:

  • They are talking about your achievements and development from right now until the point of the party. Don’t dwell in the past
  • For each aspect, pick a person from your life and imagine it is them talking about you. Giving the voice a name will enhance the meaning of the exercise
  • It is critical that you do this exercise in the third person. It has to be their voice talking about you, not you talking about you. This is because we often don’t like talking about our own achievements, making it third person helps to prevent this
  • Don’t overthink your first draft. Don’t go for perfection, jut write from the heart.

Voice 1. Dharma – your impact on the world

This person is talking about:

  • What difference did you make in the world?
  • Whose lives did you impact?
  • What is the legacy you will leave behind?

Voice 2. Artha – how you developed as a person

This person is talking about:

  • Who is the person you have become?
  • What are the words they are using to describe you?
  • What events triggered the changes in you?

Voice 3. Kama – your material and personal life

This person is talking about:

  • Where do you live?
  • Who with?
  • What is your lifestyle?

Voice 4. Moksha – when you became free from negativity

This person is talking about:

  • What is the negative emotion you want to be free from?
  • When did you manage to let that go?
  • What has that enabled you to be able to do?

When you have this ask yourself which aspects you are actively working on right now. For those you are not working on when are you going to start? This is what you want to do and who you want to become. This is your life and your impact.

Become the person you want to be.