I’m on this planet to create massive impact. Are you?

I believe visionary entrepreneurs change the world. But they cannot do it alone.

Through coaching over three hundred entrepreneurs I saw a recurring theme.

The high impact entrepreneurs who can create great businesses have a specific way of thinking. They can operate effectively in uncertainty, see multiple futures, and have the charisma to draw people towards them.

But they also lack structure and focus. They get drawn into too many rabbit holes.

The support often offered to them is to change how they think. To operate differently.

But that’s not the answer. To do that is a waste of their talent and only slows them down.

Instead, what they need an ally to work alongside them who can fill in the gaps.

I’m the person who pulls the visions that entrepreneurs see out of their heads and shapes them into the roadmap to get there. I’m the one who keeps everything in focus and on plan.

I’m on this planet to create massive impact. If you’re reading this, and if we’re a good match, then that’s what you want too.

So let’s do it.



Profit is essential but if money is your sole motivator then don’t work with me


If you think you can be brilliant at everything then don’t work with me


There is no upper limit. If you’ve already reached your peak then don’t work with me


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