Ego is the Enemy

Ego being a problem gets confused with ego mania. They are not the same thing at all. The narcissistic, self-absorbed and self-righteous ego manic is not reading this anyway, they are too busy looking in the mirror or imposing their will somewhere. I’m not writing this for them, I’m writing it for those of you who want to become world class.

Because if you want to become a Mindset Expert you need to see ego in a different way and recognise everybody has one. Perhaps high achievers need to have it at times to retain faith and keep persevering in adversity. However I caution you to take note of these potential challenges your ego is posing you so you can be more self-aware and develop your Superhuman mindset.

Your ego causes a problem when you:

Start jostling for position

We’ve all been there. In that meeting with the person who puffs out their chest, who doesn’t listen, who is constantly proving themselves. It’s exhausting. I’ve seen people so enshrined in their position, their ego is so attached to it, that they can’t even listen to counter evidence. The whole conversation becomes based on disproving anybody with a. Nobody wants to work with somebody like that.

It is also a problem when you draw needless comparisons with others. Be inspired by those doing better than you and look to help those coming through. That type of behaviour satisfies your ego but it will detract from your mission. Spend your energy getting to your goals, not wasting it on negative feelings towards others.

Ask yourself – Who am I trying to outshine and why?

Don’t think you need a teacher

Worst case scenario your ego tells you that you know it all. But that’s not the common problem for people who are looking to progress. Their challenge is usually that they are trying to do it all and learn what they need to on their own. Now when you read that you must be able to see that’s a crazy strategy. You might be able to find a teacher in your network that will help you for free. You might have the resources to identify exactly who you need and pay them to help you learn.

Either way, if you are not learning in a structured way then you’re wasting your resources, you’re not saving time or money. That’s quite simply an undeniable fact.

Ask yourself – What am I trying to learn and who is my teacher?

Getting feedback

This is a huge ego challenge. Because ego will tell you that it if you get negative feedback that you are wrong, stupid, worthless. But imagine if you could adopt the mindset shift to take this position:

“you are not your ideas”

If you are doing anything of meaning then yu don’t start with the answer, you start with an idea that you are trying out. If you think you’re getting everything right first time then you are playing it too safe (or you’re an arrogant moron). You’re trying to make it to world class right? So how do you learn faster? How do you improve anything? By getting feedback.

Ask yourself – Who am I seeking out feedback from?

Understand and internalise that the only race you are in is with yourself. Find people who know more than you and structure your learning. Get feedback to create impact.

Or let your ego run the show.

Make your choice.