Level up with a Grit List

The most successful people in the world, the real change-makers, spend most of their day using their Superpowers. That’s the unique set of abilities you have that are the result of your genetics, your environmental influences and your preferences. You need to know what those are because that’s the only area where you can become truly world class. They are skills you will keep learning and developing even when things get tough (and they will). If you don’t know what yours are then you should apply to do our online programme.

That said, there are still going to be things on your list of things that need done.

Jon Acuff suggests that you build a Grit List. His contains e-mail

“I can’t stand doing email. It’s never done. Every time I do it and feel good about emptying it out, it refills itself. I hate saying no to things and every e mail feels like a chance for me to fail. I’m not very organized, and the folders are overwhelming.”

But it’s part of his job and it needs to be done:

“I don’t get to say, “I want to invest  a lot in relationships, but not via one of the most popular ways people communicate today.”

So he reminds himself of the reason why he is doing it.

“On my grit list I wrote the value of email (new opportunities, stronger relationships, chance not to be a Luddite, etc.). Then I committed to do it. I don’t need to love it to get it done.”

So write out the list of all the stuff you’re not doing and put the reasons why you should do it next to them. He says that you don’t need to love it, you just need to do it. Having the reasons before you in black and white is a powerful starting point.

The Advanced Mindset Shift

We at Mindset Experts would take that great idea and go a step further. If you’ve got a vision and you’re in charge of your direction then you know the stuff on your Grit List is part of what’s going to get you there. If you have that vision and plan, if you are committed to levelling up (and only if you are) then we challenge you to take your thinking one step further.

That is turn the don’t want to do stuff into the want to do. How much would that help you?

The thing is there are are two reasons why you don’t want to do stuff. You either find it too boring or too scary.

When it’s boring what’s the excuse you use with yourself? Here are some common ones:

  • I’m not in the mood just now
  • It isn’t that important
  • I’ll do it later

When it is too scary what’s the excuse you use with yourself? Maybe something like:

  • I don’t have all the information I need
  • I’ll do it once I’ve learned this one extra thing
  • I’ll do it later

The next time you are putting off a task, ask yourself if it’s because it’s too boring or too scary. If you need to do it to level up and it’s boring, then engrain this into your thinking:

“once you level up you have more influences and resources – you can get rid of it.”

If it’s too scary then welcome to the edge of your comfort zone. You need to operate here to grow. If you don’t you won’t develop. And remember, you’re not supposed to know what you’re doing when you’re in that zone, you are still learning. Acuff has a quote here that sums it up perfectly:

“Don’t compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle”

So if you’ve written the value of the task and you’re still not doing it, then check in with yourself as to your reasons. If you want to become world class then you know that the task you’re putting off is part of that journey. If you don’t do it then you stay where you are. Do it and you take another step towards the next level. So shift your mindset. It’s either another step towards getting rid of the boring stuff or it’s pushing your comfort zone to the next level.

Now – do you see why it’s possible to want to do that stuff? Schedule in one of those actions now and get somebody to hold you accountable.

Go to the next level or don’t.

Make your choice.