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The Challenge

Entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses reach a critical stage of evolution called The Inflection Point.

This is where they have come through start-up and have traction in their market, yet now cannot grow further without making fundamental changes to their leadership and the way their organisation functions.

By creating the right systems and networks to support growth there is a clearer path through The Inflection Point, and that’s how to reach the next level.

What I want to do about it

Talk is cheap, I’m taking ownership towards solving this problem by:

  • Finding the people and creating the network of experts who have experience at The Inflection Point
  • Identifying the entrepreneurs who are at The Inflection Point who want to find a way through it
  • Creating the business model to enable those entrepreneurs to work with the right expert at the right time

What is

The Inflection Point?

When does it happen:

  • Typically after 2+ years in
  • At around 500k to 1M turnover
  • With a team in place of ~10

What it feels like to the entrepreneurial leader:

  • You are spinning too many plates at the same time
  • The lack of process and structure means the business is too reactive
  • You spend too much time managing and fire fighting
  • Frustration about the unrealised potential in the business

What needs to happen to get through The Inflection Point:

  • A shift in leadership mindset
  • Upgrading of the organisational structures
  • The right experts at the right time

Are you part of the solution?

An expert with experience of working at The Inflection Point

Marketing, sales, process mapping, HR, financial management, leadership, governance, talent development, strategy, culture development

An investor who believes in this approach

Interested in supporting businesses with first or second round investment, based on this approach of supporting them with the right network of experts

An entrepreneur who is at the Inflection Point

Revenue generating, your initial team is in place, you want to explore new routes to progress because you know something has to change to reach your next level

Then let’s talk

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